In addition to making sure you’re your property meets the Repairing Standards, has the appropriate gas and electrical certificates as well as the necessary smoke and Co2 alarms, it’s well worth having a plan for longer term maintenance and décor.

Inevitably maintenance issues will crop up, but in addition to dealing promptly with these issues its worth factoring in redecoration and replacing any furniture that may be past its best!

Keeping your property well maintained and freshly decorated will help to attract good tenants in the first place and also encourage them to stay longer – this in turn reduces the likelihood of void periods.

Planning to refresh décor and furniture between tenancies will stand you in good stead and we suggest replacing things at the following minimum intervals;

Carpet (budget) every 3 – 5 years

Carpet (medium quality) every 10 years

Mattresses – at least every 5 years (we also suggest you purchase mattress protectors for each bed)

Sofas and armchairs every 3 – 5 years

We also suggest the following intervals for refreshing décor

Kitchen every 2 – 5 years

Bathrooms every 2 – 5 years

Living room every 5 years

Stairs / landing areas every 3 years

Bedrooms – every 5 years

Grange Lettings have a very trusted trades team who can carry out all manner of jobs from replacing a light fitting, right through to full refurbishments – please contact us for more information. 




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