Private Residential Tenancies

In Scotland, by legislation which came into effect in December 2017, Private Residential Tenancies (PRT) have replaced Short Assured Tenancies (SAT).

  • Existing SAT leases may continue, either on a rolling basis, renewal or until the lease is ended on the existing recovery possession process, including the ‘no fault’ ground.
  • All new tenancies must be created as Private Residential Tenancies.
  • With PRT there is no longer a ‘no fault’ ground for removal. This previously gave landlords the right to remove tenants at the end of a tenancy solely on the basis that the agreed contractual terms had expired.  With PRT, landlords must satisfy one of 18 grounds for recovering possession that are set out in the Act. We can talk you through this.
  • In contrast to SAT, there is no fixed term with PRT.  Tenants are entitled to give 28 days’ notice any date from the commencement of the tenancy agreement.  This means that landlords will no longer have the initial security of a minimum tenancy length of 6 months or more.  For landlords renting to students, it will mean that the lease length cannot be guaranteed for the full academic year as has been the standard practice with SAT.
  • The introduction of Private Residential Tenancies means that it is more important than before that you get the best tenant. By that we mean not just someone who is solvent and who will look after your property but someone who is going to stay in your property for a reasonable length of time to minimise hassle and maximise peace of mind. The individual viewings, conducted by one of our team, give us the best chance of properly assessing each prospective tenant in turn, beyond the paper references.

Request the Grange Lettings Guide which explains more about what you have to be aware of and do as a landlord.

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